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Hi, warm welcomes! My name is Sarah and I'm an INFJ, happy pagan, queer young adult, and passionate writer. I enjoy whimsy, humor, and positivity.



The Celestial Oracle ring with handmade tiny full moon glass sphere.

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Once Upon A Time | Frozen



That wasn’t very mermaid of you.

I find writing extremely difficult. I usually have to drag myself to my desk, mainly because I doubt myself. And it’s getting harder because I want to improve with every book. Sometimes I guess it’s best just to forget there’s an audience and just write like no one will ever read it at all.

Markus Zusak, answering if he found writing easy.


deer visits cat every morning since it was a kitten


F A I R Y   T A L E   M E M E

2/3 locations

the thicket is dense and deep, bushes and brambles grown into tangled snarls of foliage that thread their way through the massive tree trunks.  the babbling brook is deceptively lovely- the villagers have every reason to warn travelers against seeking refuge in the forest, no matter the pursuer.  the woods are home to all manner of creatures strange and foul, and humans that are worse, from black-hearted thieves to witches in candy houses, with magic and nightfall both on their side.  you enter the woods at your own risk, and should you survive, you will never be the same.


Deep Dark Woods by The Noisy Plume on Flickr.

The Piano Guys
Track: A Thousand Years
Artist: The Piano Guys
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magical forest by macfred64 on Flickr.



Make Me Chooseanonymous asked: victim!Alana, lover!Alana or doctor!Alana

"Alana… you were right."
“Often am. You’ll have to be more specific.”

#i love love LOVE how alana is consistently portrayed as an intellectually driven character#she’s rational and professional without being painted as cold/frigid/bitchy #and even though she does have moments of strong emotion they don’t define her and they don’t undermine her#it’s not like professional!alana is a mask and emotional!alana is her ”real self” (an unfortunately common trope for women)#they’re both her #because humans are multidimensional and have more than two emotions (x)

My sunflowers are huge, over 7ft tall. They’re finally about to bloom though and I’m really excited. I know it’s grainy and kind of hard to see because I have a horrible camera, but my sunflowers are the tall, leafy plants and the sunset was gorgeous this evening. So many crickets and fireflies this summer, it’s so peaceful.


Growing up, my dad had a rule. “You can’t get a tattoo. If you do, I will make you get it removed. Unless, that is, you join the army and can shoot a seagull in the eye from a mile away, or you have a near-death experience.”

On July 12, 2011, I rode my bicycle to the camp I worked at. On my way home, I rode down a hill, and stopped at the bottom. I looked both ways, and there was no car coming. I started to turn left when I got hit by a car going ~55 miles per hour. I completely shattered the windshield, and when the driver stopped, I was ejected back onto the road. The doctors in the emergency room were absolutely perplexed when I arrived, because they all agreed that I should have died, and they were amazed to release me 4 and a half hours later with only 16 stitches, a concussion, and a chipped tooth. During my recovery, I was angry and confused. A couple if days after my accident, I received cards from my eight year old campers. One of them drew a giant paper crane, and said, “if you fold a thousand paper cranes, you’ll get better”. 

Not being able to read, ride a bicycle, or put stress on my body, I cut up an old sudoku puzzle, went on YouTube, and learned how to make a paper crane. By the end of the day, I had a laundry basket full of black and white paper cranes. 
I kept making paper cranes, even after I made a thousand, and I ran into a dilemma. What do you do with paper cranes once you’ve made them? A girl in my class had committed suicide the same day I had my accident, and I brought a purple crane to her wake. Her family could not have been happier the moment I presented them with this crane. Something clicked in my head right there. I started giving them to people and hiding them in random places for people to find. I started making art with them, and they became a major part of who I was. 

This tattoo is symbolic of my accident, and could not represent me any better.


Jim Dingilian proves that a creative and skillful artist can create works of art with just about anything. By coating the interior of empty glass bottles with black smoke and then carefully brushing it away with tools mounted on dowels, he creates detailed and beautiful but dark works of smoke art that are dripping with a sense of suburban decay (via Bored Panda).


Nightshade (by erynlasgalenphotoart).